LOVE SUPREME SCHOOL OF MUSIC (LSSM) In 2001, James “Pappy” Martin founded the Love Supreme School of Music as a continuation of his commitment to honor the legacy of music study and appreciation. He was inspired by the discipline that studying the science of music can bring to increased academic performance, particularly in mathematics, as well as its overall enrichment of life. Over the next several decades, LSSM taught hundreds of young people and, as a result, launched the careers of many successful musicians who now enjoy worldwide recognition. This is in addition to positively affecting the academic success and general well being of many other of its former students. Sadly, with the passing of Mr. Martin in 2015, LSSM closed its doors. The LSSM will re-open in 2019 with the embracing of a new generation of music students. It is also proud to welcome Nelson Lucas as its new Director.

Its mission includes:

  • Teaching instrumental lessons which focus on the science of music study

  • Presenting master classes from visiting world renowned musicians

  • Giving students onstage performance experience

  • Offering classes on the history of jazz music

  • Hosting music workshops


Photos courtesy of Deborah Cahee-Christopher.