In 2017, the CELESTIAL JAZZ SERIES was started to present jazz performances to honor and celebrate the spiritual significance of jazz. The most well known spiritual expressions and contributions of this music were written and performed by saxophonist John Coltrane. As a result, a church was founded in San Francisco appropriately named, Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church.

The inaugural concert of this series was held at S.E.N.S.E.S. and featured the Bobby Watson Quartet with Bobby Watson (Saxophone), Curtis Lundy (Bass), Ben Rosenblum (Piano) and Ronnie Burrage (Drums).

In 2018, the Central Park United Methodist Church hosted the second presentation featuring headliner Sean Jones (Trumpet) accompanied by a group comprised of Curtis Lundy (Bass), Ben Rosenblum (Piano) and Ronnie Burrage (Drums). The series will continue to offer future performances in spiritual venues and places of worship.

Jazz Is Not Merely Entertainment..It Is Spiritual


Photos courtesy of Deborah Cahee-Christopher.