The Pappy Martin Legacy Jazz Collective was formed in Buffalo, NY to recognize and address the multi-pronged aspects of continuing the important music legacy of James “Pappy” Martin.

Our mission is to create opportunities for diverse community engagement to educate, honor and celebrate the historical, cultural and artistic significance of jazz.

To make a cohesive and comprehensive impact, the organization is comprised of the following entities:

Pappy Martin Legacy - Masten Jazz Festival: Started in 1996, it has presented hundreds of international, national and local musicians in continuing to grow as a highly anticipated annual jazz event held on the grounds of the Buffalo Museum of Science.

Love Supreme School of Music: Beginning circa 2003, it has provided instrumental music lessons and many opportunities for student development and performances. The school is scheduled to re-open in Spring, 2019 at the Lincoln Memorial United Methodist Church.

Celestial Jazz Series: In 2017, this series began to present world-class musicians in various churches to celebrate the spiritual nature of jazz music.

John Coltrane Birthday Celebration: Since the 1980's, Pappy honored the contributions and influence of Coltrane with an annual celebration. This tradition continues and has expanded to a 3 day event at the Burchfield-Penney Art Center.

Pappy Martin Legacy Jazz Society: Since 2011, the society serves as a support organization for all aspects of the Collective. Buffalo is a city with deep roots in the jazz tradition. It has been home to many jazz giants and provided mentors, teachers and audiences for developing, as well as veteran, musicians. The Collective commits to keep that legacy alive as it reinforces that Western New York is not only a place that welcomes great jazz performances, but also a nurturing atmosphere in which to hone talent and grow as a performing artist. The Pappy Martin Legacy Jazz Collective extends outreach to the all Western New York neighborhoods as it keeps jazz, in its highest form, accessible to everyone. 

The Pappy Martin Legacy Jazz Collective is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.